Education Minister Diallo Rabain hosted a pizza lunch last week, after he challenged a group of P3 students at Paget Primary School to create artwork depicting their recent camping experience at Messina House.

Impressed by the students’ work and what they were learning and experiencing he challenged the class to create artwork that he would later judge. The students took him up on the challenge and were rewarded with a pizza lunch.

As it turns out, judging the artwork was quite a challenge for the Minister. 

After all was said and done he said: “It was quite a challenge to judge the artwork, their work was quite impressive. I was pleased that the children were eager to take up on my challenge and the results are outstanding.”

♦Photos Courtesy of DCI: Education Minister Diallo Rabain with P3 Class at Paget Primary. Inset Photo: Minister Rabain with the overall winners for best artwork, Ashlyn Carter (r) and Milan Smith Olden (l)