Bermuda’s outgoing Governor John Rankin hosted a scaled down Peppercorn Ceremony at Government House on Monday (Nov16) – a far cry from the usual pomp and ceremony that takes place in St George’s.

“It was important to recognise the importance of the ceremony,” he said.

The scheduled date for the ceremony was April 22, which was pushed back to November as a result of COVID-19.

A Government House post on social media said: “The Governor was pleased to host the 204th Peppercorn Ceremony at Government House.

“The Treasurer of Lodge St George of the Grand Lodge of Scotland paid the annual rent of one Peppercorn to the Accountant General, which allows the Freemasons of St George to continue to use and preserve the State House in St George.

“The Governor said that although, because of COVID-19, we were unable to celebrate this occasion in the traditional fashion in St George, it was important to recognise the importance of the ceremony both historically and in current times.

“In particular, the Governor thanked the Freemasons for their charity work in support of the Covid Bermuda Community Foundation and in support of the community of St George.”

The ceremony was attended by:

  • Bishop of Bermuda, The Right Reverend Nicholas Dill
  • Mayor of St George, George Dowling accompanied by Candy-Lee Foggo
  • Accountant General, Curtis Stovell
  • Right Worshipful Master of Lodge St George, Bro Hezekiah Fox
  • Treasurer of Lodge St George, Bro Cassius Fevriere
  • Secretary of Lodge St George, Bro Martin Weekes