News Release:  HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Ministry of Education will launch a public education campaign this week that explores the essential aspects of reshaping education.

Education Reform 101 will begin airing on Bermuda Broadcasting News Tonight starting  today 22 January and concluding in late February. Mikaela Ian Pearman hosts the one-minute episodes. A new episode will premiere each week, featuring five topics on curriculum, teaching, assessments, learning environments, and graduation. 

The five episodes aim to inform the public about education reform, promote a deeper understanding of the process, and stimulate questions, feedback, and collaboration within our community.

Additionally, each episode will align closely with the School Transformation Teams (STTs) work to highlight the contributions of public school teachers and community members involved in this important initiative and shared on the Learning First Bermuda social media.

The Minister of Education, the Hon. Diallo Rabain, JP, MP, explained, “The Education Reform Unit is committed to engaging and providing updates to the public regarding the work happening to progress education reform. With this public education campaign, we are trying to reach different audiences using multiple platforms and local media outlets. The campaign will start on Bermuda Broadcasting stations. However, we will contract with as many local media outlets as possible over the next few months.” 

Minister Rabain added, “We anticipate that “Education Reform 101” will serve as the catalyst for enhanced communication concerning our ongoing reform endeavours. We look forward to fostering increased collaboration within our local community through this initiative. “

Education 101 Airing and Interview Schedule

Episode 1: Curriculum & Learning Experiences

This episode describes how while remaining with the CCK and Cambridge curriculum, the learning experiences young people have access to are being redesigned to make them more personalized, authentic and relevant.

Episode 2: Teaching & Learning

This episode emphasizes the importance of high impact teaching strategies that are most likely to increase student engagement and achievement and that are attentive to the needs of individual learners.

Episode 3: Assessment

The assessment episode explores the changes required to assess holistically what children and young people have done, can do, as well as what they have learned as described in the new assessment policy.

Episode 4: Learning Environments

Focusing on the creation of 21st Century learning environments that enable flexible and collaborative learning environments that are supportive of and conducive to the redesigned learning experiences. 

Episode 5: Graduation Requirements

The final episode looks at new graduation requirements that ensures that children who leave with the Bermuda Signature School Diploma have the necessary experience, skills, knowledge, values and relationships to take up jobs or apprenticeships in their chosen profession or trade, and contribute to the requirements for entry into colleges and universities.