Ottiwell Simmons, Former PLP MP & BIU President

Former Progressive Labour Party MP Ottiwell Simmons came in for a big round of applause today as he was ushered in to be seated to hear the Speech From The Throne this morning at the Cabinet Building.

Clearly delighted to see the former union leader walk in on his own steam and it wasn’t long before he came in for a big surprise, when he heard Governor John Rankin announce that the old Hamilton Police Station will be transformed into an Arbitration Centre and it will be named after former BIU President Ottiwell Simmons.

Several people gathered gave Mr Simmons a standing ovation, with another loud round of applause.

Mr Simmons, who said he had no idea, told Bermuda Real: “It is an outstanding thing to be recognized to the extent that public entities and facilities are named after outstanding persons and I am truly honoured – very much so.”

We’ll have the pictures up over the weekend.

Congratulations Mr Simmons!