News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Orange Bay Company, Bermuda’s premier destination for luxury consignment and curated fashion,  has announced the opening  of its newest Designer Showroom. This latest addition marks a significant milestone for the company, now boasting three meticulously curated showrooms (Designer, Main & Home Goods), offering an unparalleled shopping experience to its community of shoppers. 

Founded by Delight and Rudy Morris, Orange Bay Company has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the retail landscape in Bermuda for over 16 years. The introduction of the Designer Showroom further solidifies the company’s commitment to providing a platform for sustainable shopping featuring premium brands and pre-loved treasures.

Delight Morris, Co-founder of Orange Bay Company, expressed her enthusiasm for the expansion, stating: “We are proud to unveil our new Designer Showroom, offering our discerning customers a curated selection of luxe brands. As champions of the circular economy in Bermuda, we are delighted to witness the paradigm shift towards second-hand shopping as an integral part of retail habits. We salute fellow advocates who run second-hand and vintage reseller spaces in Bermuda, contributing to the sustainability of our community.”

The Designer Showroom showcases a diverse range of premium apparel, from high-end couture to casual chic, catering to every style and occasion. Exclusive offerings include sought-after brands such as Gucci, Manolo Blahnik and Louis Vuitton. Meanwhile the main showroom continues to offer a wide array of popular brands such as Lulelemon, Dooney & Burke, Whistles, J Crew, and more, ensuring that customers can elevate their style effortlessly.

In addition to offering a luxurious shopping experience, the team at Orange Bay Company understands the importance of convenience. To accommodate busy schedules, the company is introducing a shop-by-appointment program, allowing customers to explore the Designer Showroom at their convenience.

With a commitment to sustainability and community engagement, Orange Bay Company continues to lead the charge towards a more conscious and stylish future. Bermuda consumers are invited to join the circular revolution and experience the epitome of luxury consignment at Orange Bay Company’s new Designer Showroom. 

The new Designer showroom is located on Victoria Street across from the Magnolia building housing Orange Bay Company’s  main showrooms. 

About Orange Bay Company:

Orange Bay Company is Bermuda’s premier retail destination for meticulously curated second-hand homegoods and apparel. Founded  by Delight and Rudy Morris, the company has been redefining the retail experience for over 16 years. With three meticulously curated showrooms, Orange Bay Company offers a diverse selection of premium brands and pre-loved treasures, promoting sustainability and style in equal measure. Orange Bay Company is a champion of the circular revolution in Bermuda and beyond.