New York Daily News: MANHATTAN, By Karu F Daniels – Oprah Winfrey is laying down the law during the holiday season.

The media mogul has strict COVID-19 protocols for entry into her massive Montecito estate.

She revealed on Thursday that everyone who enters the Santa Barbara County, California-based compound must follow her “policy” of being vaccinated, boosted, tested and have quarantined.

That rule applied to her best friend, Gayle King, who missed out on a “Lion King”-themed party introducing her grandson to the talk show queen and other loved ones.

Due to King anchoring “CBS Mornings” in New York City, she wasn’t present as her “favorite daughter” Kirby Bumpus and husband Virgil Miller brought their three-month old son, Luca Lynn, to meet the Queen of All Media.

“Everyone who is spending Christmas at my house has to be vaccinated, boosted, tested, and quarantined,” Winfrey wrote.

Stedman calls it ‘The Policy’ cause I’m that serious about it,” she added. “This was release day for our bubble and we knew we had to throw a welcome celebration for Baby Luca, who none of us had met yet! We missed his grandma @gayleking but she’ll join us once she completes the policy!”

In the accompanying video, the 67-year-old billionaire and her longtime partner Stedman Graham, 70, joined a small group of guests greeting the toddler with various African chants, including those used in “The Lion King’s” opening song, “The Circle of Life.”

“I know you’ve been waiting,” Winfrey told Luca. “You’ve been waiting to see me. I’ve been waiting to see you.”

Winfrey takes her health seriously; her 2019 bout with pneumonia changed her outlook on wellness.

“I came back from overseas and I thought I had a cold — but it wasn’t a cold,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “I ended up in the emergency room and they said, ‘You have pneumonia.’ And I go home, and pneumonia is nothing to play with, y’all. It is very serious. And I was on antibiotics for a week and the antibiotics weren’t working. And then I go back for another CT scan and they go, ‘It’s actually worse. You should see a lung specialist.’”

Months before COVID-19 ravaged the world (claiming more than five million lives to date), Winfrey was using her experience to warn people to not take health matters lightly: “Don’t play with it. Get your flu shots and get your pneumonia shots. It’s nothing to play with. It takes people out. But I’m telling you, it changed the way I look at wellness.”