The following statement was released today (April 25) by Opposition Senate Leader & Shadow Minister of Education – One Bermuda Alliance…

When I first saw the video that has circulated with the Minister of Education, I felt it was important to wait for context before commenting.   

However now that the Minister has clarified his position, he exposed a continual trend that the public is seeing—he refuses to listen to parents and teachers regarding impending school closures; ask anyone who is a part of the West End and East End primary school communities. 

It is time for Minister Rabain to do the honourable thing and resign. 

This video seems to indicate that the input and opinions of some parents and schools is not accepted by the Minister. If the Minister feels challenged by their questions and their need for data, this is a problem. 

Many families’ lives will be changing with the school closures and they have every right to demand clarity.  

Ignoring the people who challenge the decisions that are taken is not a sustainable solution.  

Families are frustrated. 

Yet again, it feels like the needs of our students are not being prioritised and the voices of distrust are growing louder.  

The Minister needs to communicate openly by listening and helping the parents and teachers to understand the decisions that are being taken. The Ministry of Education needs to be open to ideas that may be different than the plan it’s pursuing.  

And if the Minister isn’t willing to listen to his stakeholders, it is time to have one who will.