Opposition MP Diallo Rabain will join a number of new candidates when the Progressive Labour Party hosts a public forum on Sunday at party headquarters to rally young voters in the lead up to the next General Election on July 18th.

The forum, entitled ‘Youth Forum 2K17’ is designed for young Bermudians between the ages of 18 to 35, starts at 7:30pm tomorrow at Alaska Hall on Court Street.

PLP candidates Renee Ming, Wayne Caines, Tinee Furbert and Dennis Lister III will be amongst candidates running in the election next month.

A spokesman said: “It is of utmost importance to the PLP government in waiting that our young people are frequently afforded opportunities to engage in productive dialogue with their public representatives.

“The PLP realizes that young Bermudians have become increasingly frustrated with the OBA government’s broken promises and a track record that many young Bermudians feel does not represent their interests. It is imperative that our young Bermudians not only feel a part of the process in the decision-making of the government but that they also contribute to that process. We are keen to listen to the concerns and ideas of our young Bermudians so that their brilliant plans for change can be supported by concrete legislative proposals and government investment.

“The PLP government will be a government of the people, not above but equal; a government for the many not the few. We understand that listening to, investing in, and encouraging our young Bermudians is an invaluable component to creating strong positive leadership for the future and we look forward to hearing the invaluable input of all young Bermudians at our public youth forum.”