Opposition leader Patricia Gordon-Pamplin today urged residents to be responsible, considerate and abstain from drinking and driving during the four-day Cup Match holiday weekend.

She also called on Bermudians to embrace the island’s visitors and take time out to consider all those who will be working over the holiday.

“Cup Match, our annual tradition, is upon us during which time we exhibit the best of Bermudian spirit,” said Ms Gordon-Pamplin.

“For some, the holiday provides the opportunity to fellowship with family and friends. Whether camping at their favourite location, boating or swimming in our pristine waters observing revellers on their way to the match while tuning in to the commentary or enjoying their favourite music, we share the excitement and the food.

“For others, the match cannot begin until they have vetted the teams, inspected the wicket, donned their blue and blue (or red and blue) and settled in to watch first ball. Heated conversation is the order of the weekend in expressing support for our team or predictions of the outcome.

“However we celebrate, we ask you to embrace our visitors in true Bermudian style, spare a thought for those who have to work and for those who travel the roads. We encourage responsible behaviour, consideration for others and please do not drink and drive.

“Whether ‘Up she comes” or ‘howzat?’, my colleagues and I ask you to be safe and enjoy the holiday.”