The following Bermuda Day Message was released by Opposition Leader & Shadow Minister of Finance, Cole Simons, One Bermuda Alliance…

As the Leader of the Opposition, on behalf of the One Bermuda Alliance, I would like to offer my warmest greetings to the people of Bermuda as we celebrate Bermuda Day.

During this unprecedented time of the pandemic, we can all cast our memories back to, Bermuda Day celebrations, which included the annual marathon derby, the much-anticipated parade with floats, Gombeys and majorettes, sailing and beaching. While this Bermuda Day will be different for us, it can still be enjoyed as a day to relax, have fun and reflect on and celebrate our rich culture and heritage.

While we are a diverse group of Bermudians, we are all one people and Bermuda Day gives us the opportunity, to reflect on what we have in common.

You may recall times when you were asked, while overseas “Where are you from?”, and with pride announce, “I am Bermudian!” The fact is, we can still have that same sense of pride even in this virtual world that has become our new norm. We may be just 21 square miles; we hold our own with the rest of the world. Bermuda has produced acclaimed scholars, world-class athletes, musicians, artists and designers. We have family traditions and picnics and community celebrations which are unique to Bermuda. We are a progressive community that is intentionally moving forward for today and for the generations to come.

Indeed, Bermuda is a beautiful place, and we are committed to improving it. Together we strive to promote its success, protect it, and maintain our Island home. As we celebrate Bermuda Day 2021, our thoughts and our prayers are extended to the families and friends who have been affected by Covid-19. We must continue to assist where needed no matter the challenge, because that’s who we are– Bermudian!

So, with all of this in mind and with great pride, I wish you and your family a very Happy Bermuda Day.