• The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier 

I would like to offer my warmest greeting to the people of Bermuda as we celebrate Bermuda Day and the Bermuda Day Parade.

Bermuda is blessed by an abundance of good fortune from the beauty of our island to the amazing people who make our home what it is today.

We are a pioneering people who have successfully weathered many storms to always bounce back, better and stronger.

Underpinning that has been a sense of excellence – excellence in spirit, in endeavor and in performance. Bermuda really has, and continues to, punch way above its weight.

We only have to look at recent successes such as Bermuda qualifying for the Concacaf Gold Cup and the outstanding results at the recent Carifta Games to see how our people excel.

However, while they may get the headlines, there are countless others who strive, often unrecognized, to make a difference in our society, who excel in upholding what is best about Bermuda – its friendliness, its willingness to help others and its innate sense of humanity.

We are lucky to live in a place such as this and I would ask you all to pause for a second and think of those whose efforts make our lives better.