Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier issued a statement this week saying: “Bermuda will get through the COVID-19 crisis if we work together and act now.”

In a videotaped message, he said: ” We have been forewarned by the experiences of the rest of the world. Now be forearmed.”

The One Bermuda Alliance MP also praised emergency and healthcare workers for their hard work.

“We will get through this, we will conquer this. Bermuda people have demonstrated resolve, calm preparedness and neighbourly care on numerous occasions as we have faced the wrath of hurricanes,” he added.

“Now we need to use our strengths as we prepare as a nation to protect ourselves, families and neighbours against Covid-19.”

He also urged senior citizens to “stay inside”.

“I cannot say that enough. To everyone, please follow Government guidelines, please practice social distancing. To families and the community, please help and look out for each other as best you can. Look after your neighbours, your friends and the elderly.

“To front line workers, those who have to maintain essential services, to the doctors, nurses, those in the emergency services, all those on the front line such as customs officers, I thank you for your sacrifices. The country will owe you a huge debt of thanks.

“This is no time for politics. This is the time to work together. I and the OBA team are working closely with the Premier and Finance Minister on measures necessary to protect Bermuda.

“With the exception of cargo ships and flights, we are now basically on our own. But Bermudians are strong, you are resilient. This is unlike anything we have faced but by working together we will get through this. We will conquer this.”