• The following statement was released this afternoon (July 8, 2019) on behalf of Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier – One Bermuda Alliance MP

Why wasn’t the Premier called before the December 2 committee, asks Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier, the Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance.

The chair of the December 2 committee, Kim Swan, should have called the Premier to give evidence, Craig Cannonier said today.

“As the then Leader of the Opposition, the Premier was present during the demonstration. It was also reported that Mr Burt sent an email encouraging people to demonstrate outside the House.

“Why didn’t Mr Swan call him? Why indeed didn’t the Premier volunteer to attend? He had a front seat on the day.

“He was willing to take a lead in this demonstration, why didn’t he take the lead and take part in this investigation and volunteer information?“As well as examining what happened on the day, the committee should have examined what happened in the lead-up to the day, as a result it lacks context and does not fully investigate this incident.

“Although lacking information from key players, the committee’s recommendations do help provide the basis for policy to ensure this very regrettable incident never happens again.”