• The following statement was issued today by One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier
DC File Photo – Wayne Furbert at Government House

The Premier missed two opportunities when he promoted Wayne Furbert as Minister for Cabinet, according to One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier.

“The Premier said Mr Furbert had a vast amount of experience. If that is so, isn’t that experience wasted on a Ministry that never previously existed and which fell under the Premier’s remit? With so experience, I would have thought Mr Furbert would have qualified for a higher office.

“But more importantly, the Premier missed two opportunities here. The first, would have been the abolition of this unnecessary Ministry to reduce the cost of Cabinet. That would have shown some empathy to those Bermudians who are suffering under the burden of more taxes.

“Secondly, if he was serious about the amount of talent that there is in the PLP, why didn’t he give someone else a chance and appoint a Junior Minister to do this work? Surely this was a big chance to bring in someone new?”