Opposition Leader Patricia Gordon-Pamplin issued the following Labour Day Message:

Labour Day is a time when all of our citizens can be heralded for their part in creating a Bermuda that works.

Whether citizens are retirees who previously contributed; current workers who are presently bearing the brunt of the economic stimulus that is very necessary for stability of the country; or the next generation intending to join the workforce and preparing themselves to do so – we applaud their efforts.

The working population has been the foundation on which our beautiful country has been built. It is appreciated that while every worker has not enjoyed the measure of respect or reward that is fair, their efforts nonetheless are crucial to Bermuda’s success.

As we look forward to a day in which we can celebrate our labour force, we encourage employers to enforce equitable treatment, examining the requirements of the position, and not of the ethnicity of the position holder. We also encourage employees to give fair effort for the contracted remuneration.

As some companies have redirected their business plans, we have seen resulting redundancies which has led to hardship for many families. It is incumbent upon all employers to ensure that our Bermudian workers in particular are embraced in a meaningful way in hiring decisions, as we believe a stable and happy workforce translates into a stable and happy community.

On behalf of my colleagues at the One Bermuda Alliance, I wish everyone a Happy Labour Day.