• The following statement was issued this morning (March 23) by Opposition Leader, Craig Cannonier, One Bermuda Alliance…
Craig Cannonier, Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier had today offered to support a bi-partisan relief programme for those residents affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

“A bi-partisan Commission, Chaired by the Finance Minister, would help to ensure the removal of any red tape to quickly get aid out to those most in need,” said Mr Cannonier

“We are prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Government and are working with them to help Bermuda overcome this crisis.

“This Commission would stand outside normal Government channels to ensure it can move with the urgency required.

“We would also ask Government to consider a waiver of payroll tax for the first quarter of the year.

“Now is the time to reduce the burden of those most in need.”