In Christianity, Easter signifies Christ’s crucifixion on the Cross and His resurrection three days later. Centuries later, we still acknowledge the significance of these events in a way that is special to us, attending church, hunting for Easter eggs, eating hot cross buns and fish cakes and going out on a field or beach to fly kites.

For me, Easter also signifies a time of great loss, contemplation, rejuvenation and most significantly, new beginning and hope for the future.

These Easter thoughts are more relevant this week when I reflect on all of the sadness and sorrow we experienced over the last week. Together it makes me renew my commitment to work for the benefit of all those who are suffering in any way, all those who need our thoughts and prayers. I know that for every dark night there is a brighter day.

In the spirit of Easter, we should take time to reflect, make deliberate steps to rise up above adversity and then embrace new beginnings which offer hope for the future!

Happy Easter!!!

Jeanne Atherden JP, MP Leader of the Opposition