The following statement was released this afternoon by Opposition Leader Cole Simons of the One Bermuda Alliance…

The One Bermuda Alliance is aware of the many problems both locals and visitors to the Island have faced over the weekend concerning the Travel Authorisation.
It is totally unacceptable for people to have to resort to social media posts out of desperation for help. We understand the hotline has been swamped; long waits and disconnected calls have been the norm.
While we understand it was the weekend, travellers are entering the Island daily and waiting until the next business day is not tenable.
Knowing that there could be potential problems with Travel Authorisation documents, the phone lines and emails should be manned around the clock.
In addition, we repeat, it is unacceptable that unvaccinated Bermudians are not allowed to return home without an additional quarantine expense. It is also unacceptable that tourists are being subjected to a policy which detracts from their stay on the island. Our island’s reputation is being challenged by these very frustrating and troublesome issues.
The Government needs to step up. Bermudians and visitors alike are very frustrated at this time and this does not bode well for our island.