• The following Op-Ed was submitted to Bermuda Real for publication on the condition of anonymity…
With this weekends past events, many are upset over the breach of the COVID-19 guidelines however, my mind has wondered into another direction. White Privilege!!!
I find it funny how Wayne Caines was not so long ago marching in the streets of Bermuda – rallying for the equality of Black Bermudians and the injustice of white privilege. Yet, he turned around and granted permission to The Blu Restaurant (MEF Group) to host an event of 50 plus persons. This event was said to be for Zane DeSilva, organized by his daughter’s new company, to celebrate his wife’s birthday. All disguised another under a “charity dinner”.
Caines has also granted permission to Tucker’s Point Hotel to host a concert series, disguised as “charity” events in the month of July for their members. Nowhere on the flyers do you notice the mention of The Family Centre or that the event is a charity event.
The dining restaurants at the said hotel are managed by The MEF Group. Go figure! Makes you think, what perks was Caines receiving from the said dining group. Hmmm?
These events are being put on under the disguise of them being “charity” events. Seems like white privilege at its finest to me.
I wonder how many of our black establishments submitted applications to host events of 50 plus guests are were denied. While our black businesses continue to suffer, the white privilege continue to maintain and conquer, all in the name of “charity”. SMH