Police issued 341 tickets within the last two weeks as Operation Vega continues, with 4,893 tickets issued since the clampdown started six months.

A police spokesperson said: “That’s 12 fewer than the 353 issued during the previous two weeks.”

Chief Inspector Robert Cardwell of the Bermuda Police Service Tactical Support Unit added: “Operation Vega remains a critical incident. We will continue to lawfully perform our duty to calm and slow things down on the roads with effective enforcement.

“Since the deployment of Operation Vega six months ago, 4,893 moving violation tickets have been issued. Motorists were ticketed for speeds ranging from 55KMPH to 102KMPH.”

“The target offences continue to be:

Driving without due care and attention

Helmet offence – not fastened

Disobeying a traffic sign

Cell phone offence


Unlicensed and uninsured vehicle

Failure to fasten seatbelt

Driving without reasonable consideration (failure to use indicators)

Motorists were also reminded to be “aware that not using an indicator does not create an absolute offence”.

“Failure to use an indicator must cause someone else to do or not to do something and this must be included in the evidence. An example might be a driver failed to use an indicator which caused a vehicle at the same junction not to move on.”