It’s allergy season once again and Open Airways is back on the public awareness trail in celebration of World Astma Day (May 2), with free consultations and asthma prevention supplies.

The event, which will take place from 11.30am to 2pm,

will have asthma-trained educators present.

A spokesperson said: “Bring your inhalers with you and learn how to control your asthma, then you’ll receive a free pillow, a spacer and technique demonstration, as well as a Microfibre Cloth (while supplies last).

“We will also be joined by local school bands and choirs, who will be performing in the park for the general public.”

Open Airways is encouraging people treating their asthma with Ventolin inhalers to get advice as many people overuse the prescribed drug to quickly relieve symptoms.

The charity warned: “If you overuse Ventolin you could make your asthma worse! This year we are asking you, ‘How much Ventolin is too much?’”