A 26-year-old man arrested and released on police bail with strict conditions, has yet to be formally charged in connection with that fatal boat crash that claimed the life of a New Zealand woman and injured two others.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, a spokesman said the investigation was “ongoing”. Police would neither confirm or deny whether or not a file has been sent to the Director of Prosecutions. On this coming Thursday, June 29th, it will be one month since this investigation was launched.

The fatal boat crash occurred in Hamilton Harbour near the Ferry Terminal, on the night of June 1st, and claimed the life of 62-year-old Mary Elizabeth McKee. Her 69-year-old husband and another man operating the Zodiac, a 26-year-old male visitor from the UK, also sustained serious injuries. They were in Bermuda for the America’s Cup.

Mr McKee was subsequently discharged from the hospital, but the young man from the UK was airlifted overseas for further medical treatment.

The 26-year-old local resident who was driving the 17ft centre console vessel that crashed into the 9ft Zodiac inflatable carrying the three visitors, was arrested on suspicion of operating a watercraft while impaired and detained for a few days.

Police later confirmed that he passed the alco-analyzer test before he was released on bail with strict conditions. Whether or not he was ordered to forfeit his passport remains unknown.

A forensic pathologist was also flown in to assist with the investigation. Since then, police have spoken with several witnesses. They have also collected CCTV footage, but to date, no formal charges have been laid.

The investigation is being headed up by Acting Detective Chief Inspector Dave Greenidge of the Criminal Investigation Department.