Six days and counting into a cable blackout in Southampton, and reportedly other areas, One Communications has yet to say for the record, whether they intend to issue customer credits.

At some point during the wee hours of Tuesday night, just before January 31, residents woke up to a notice on their screens saying ‘no signal’ – advising them to contact customer service.

When contacted, we were told that the problem was due to a system upgrade – what they couldn’t say was how did it end up being a major downgrade for subscribers, who were still without the cable service?

Asked when it would be fixed, we were told the technical crew would have to come to our residence and that would not happen until this coming Wednesday.

When asked if we will receive a credit for all the days of paying for cable for providing NO SIGNAL, we were told to speak a manager. Then, get this, she said they are not allowed to give out their contacts!

So, we call back again today and spoke with someone who sounded like they were somewhere in the Caribbean, telling us that she will pass it on to the team, and that someone would get back to us later this morning.

By 1:30pm of course, there was still no response.

Now we’re asking publicly for the bottom line. How many subscribers were affected and still be affected? And what’s the plan exactly on issuing customer credits?

They say the devil is in the fine print and we have no doubt that it’s in there, covering their butts somewhere. But tell us what you plan to do – PERIOD!

Never mind the fact that you had people paying for cable with no signal on Super Bowl Sunday, no less.

It’s bad enough your company passed on the fee increase for local broadcasting.

Now you add insult to injury with this pure ignorance.

Were is not for the fact that this household houses two seniors, one disabled, who cannot see – there would be no cable instantly!

But to put up with this madness and charge me extra for local programming like BBC News – rest assured I see this relationship heading for a DIVORCE!

And yes you best CREDIT your subscribers or, start counting on another EXODUS away from your system!

Lets’s see if the One Communications team with no REAL answers hears us yet!