With the first game of the 2022/23 Premier League season set to kick off later this week on August 5, One Communications is advising sports fans that the games will be aired via CSports and FLOW Sports.

The recent change went into effect on August 1, “due to a change in licensing rights for the Caribbean region”.

The advisory, sent out to customers this week said: “With the addition of the CSports network, we’ll be introducing three new channels, CSport 421, CSport 2 422, and CSport+423, in addition to FLOW Sports on channel 420.

“SportsMax and SportsMax 2 will now be available on channels 432 and 433. These new channels will be included in your Flow Sports & Premier League TV package, bringing you all 380 Premier League games as well as coverage of the NFL and FIFA events.”

As noted, the new season kicks off on August 5.