News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Earlier today, the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Wayne Furbert joined representatives from AF Smith Ltd. and the Bermuda Post Office to announce a new and updated franking method.

Today’s official launch of the FRAMA franking meters took place at AF Smith offices. Speakers included, AF Smith VP Technology Mr Ian Nash, the Acting Post Master General Susan Moore Williams, and Head of Marketing, AF Smith – Ms Morgan Smith.

Minister Furbert noted that “innovations in digital technology have revolutionized many aspects of how we work and conduct
business on our island, although some more traditional concepts have survived, such as physical post”.
While noting that the Bermuda Post Office has been providing postal service “to individuals and businesses, in, around and out of Bermuda” since 1812, he said: “Changes in technology over the last 100 years have seen franking meters evolve as business needs change.
“Retaining or adding physical mail to your communication channels drives engagement and can be used as a powerful tool for improving cashflow.
“The Bermuda Post Office is happy to progress to a better postage meter system with a reliable postal partner such as AF Smith and we welcome Frama as a new partner as we ensure Bermudas companies have the latest and best technology.
“Our partnership with AF Smith underscore’s our commitment to making your processing of incoming and outgoing mail as simple as possible,” said Mr Furbert.
“The launch of Frama franking systems enables us to further enhance services and grow revenue for businesses in Bermuda.
“The Bermuda Post Office as a trusted brand is well positioned to always deliver the right services at affordable prices to meet todays business needs.”
The company’s Technology VP, Ian Nash added: “In successful collaboration with Frama, we have received the official postal approval from the Postmaster General for the introduction of the Matrix F Series range of franking systems in Bermuda.”
As the “provider of sales, maintenance and repairs of franking machines in Bermuda”, the company is also “the sole distributor of all Frama products for the entire Caribbean and Latin America”.
“Depending on the size of your business, we can provide you with a franking machine that ranges from a small office with minimal mail to larger company with mass mailing each month,” he said.
When sending written communication, franked post has proven more beneficial than standard post over the years, especially with regards to costs, security, convenience, time-saving, and delivery speed. With a franking machine, businesses and entrepreneurs get to prepay for their postage costs, insert a date, and affix a customized business image before having the post
collected or dropped off at a local post office.
“Post sent via a franking machine is given more priority compared to standard letters or parcels. This is because much of the processing has already been handled by the time it gets to the post office. For your business, this only means faster handling and quicker delivery times.
“There are a number of advantages to using a franking machine; the most prominent being no charges for postage fund top-up, convenience, ease of use, Bermuda-based customer service and repair center, after sales support, and personalized mail messages. Brand your post with your company logo & details, turning the franking machine in to an amazing marketing tool.”
He also noted that “there is no need to refer to the BPO Postal Rate Charts or having to memorize different postage rates”.
Acting Postmaster General, Ms Susan Moore-Williams said: “The synergy of our newly combined services will deliver enhanced
solutions for professional communication combined with high efficiency and ease of use for our customers and the Bermuda Business market.
“The partnership between the Bermuda Post Office and AF Smith is a perfect combination to unlock further potential for a qualified approach in B2B and B2C communication.
“As current customers transition over to the new technology, the Bermuda Post Office will be decertifying all Pitney Bowes, Postage by Phone franking meters which had an end of life for meter refills as of December 31st, 2019,in keeping with revenue protection initiatives and global trends in postage meter technology.
“All Pitney Bowes, Postage by Phone franking meters should be off-market with meters surrendered to the Bermuda Post Office by September 1st, 2020, for customers to receive a transfer or refund for any possible unused funds still remaining in the
meter,” she added.
“The Bermuda Post Office as part of the de-certification process will not refund any unused funds remaining in de-certified meters after September 1st, 2020. Any de-certified meter found to be in operations after September 1st, 2020 will be seized for revenue protection as stated in license agreements and in keeping with the Post Office Act 1900 and Regulation 1933.
“The Bermuda Post Office appreciates its postage meter customerwho see the benefits of being able to produce their postage stamps at their convenience.”
In closing, she said: “This initiative will allow you the opportunity to contact your vendor of postage meters to transfer any remaining funds to a new meter or collect the unused funds.
“The Bermuda Post Office is delighted to be partnering with AF Smith on an initiative which provides customers access to the best postal technology tailored to suit individual business needs.”