The following statement was released on Sunday, June 6, 2021 by a spokesperson for the One Bermuda Alliance…

Why is the Government remaining tight-lipped over their reason for delaying the implementation of a mandatory quarantine in a hotel at the travellers’expense?  

The announcement was made weeks ago that the new rules for non-vaccinated returning residents and visitors to the island would take effect today (June 6). 

Why give ample advance warning and remain adamant about the policy only to delay it by a week? 

This is not a good look and yet again, it gives the perception that the Government is not clear in what direction it wants to take the people of Bermuda. 

It is clear that many residents are not happy about the impending requirement of quarantine in a government appointed facility and having to pay the costs.  

Changing the date only raises questions regarding this Government-imposed requirement. If the Government views this restriction important from a health perspective what could be so vital that it’s been pushed back by a week?  

Surely there is a reason or reasons for this decision and the people of Bermuda deserve to know what is going on. Transparency must not be selective.