The following statement was released on Thursday, August 18, 2022 by One Bermuda Alliance MP Michael Dunkley, Shadow Minister of Health…

The One Bermuda Alliance supports the easing of COVID-19 travel rules that will come into effect next Monday. However, as we have highlighted previously, other jurisdictions have taken action to open up and reduce restrictions prior to Bermuda making the decision to do so.

Tourism is booming in many of the Caribbean islands.

As Bermudians learn of the news, many are saying it is about time and more should be done.

The Government has been very cautious through COVID and when they finally had the courage to say we must learn to live with covid, sadly, its actions have not measured up to its words.

Travel to the island has been hindered by the restrictions and the Travel Authorization Form. The TA is a deterrent for many traveling to the island.

The Government needs to admit that fact and listen to the people who wish the form to end—as soon as possible!

The Government has previously stated that it is all about the money but perhaps they should consider the revenue being chased away from the island due to the TA.

With the TA, only the Government and those being paid fees earn money.

It’s time for the TA to be eliminated. Allow money to flow widely throughout the community into the hospitality industry, transportation providers and to struggling Bermudians. How can the Government not see that this form is now outdated and unnecessary?