• The following statement was released today by One Bermuda Alliance MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, Shadow Minister for Health…
The Government was warned that increases in the land tax would hurt seniors, according to Pat Gordon-Pamplin, the Shadow Health Minister.
“We stood up in the House and told the Government over and over that this tax was going to hurt those less able to pay and lo and behold we have been proven correct, although it gives me no comfort to say so.
“This Government’s inability to balance a budget, despite promises from the Premier and former Finance Minister to do so, and to increase economic activity means it has only one option: to increase taxes.
“As well as the increased land tax, we have seen the dividend tax for Bermudian companies, the foreign currency purchase tax which affects all imported items and the sugar tax.
“Government has failed to solve the immigration issue and it has no workable economic stimulus plan but until we are able to get more people onto this Island, until economic activity picks up, new and increased taxes will be the norm.
“The PLP has been in power for two years, it has been in power for 17 of the last 21 years. It is due to their financial mismanagement that our seniors and themselves in this position.”