Veteran Smith’s West politician for the One Bermuda Alliance, Trevor Moniz,announced his retirement today, stepping out of Bermuda’s political arena after many years of service that started when he was first elected under the United Bermuda Party in 1993.

A founding member of the OBA in 2011, Mr Moniz held several Cabinet positions, most recently as the Attorney General.

In his parting address today, he also took aim at the Progressive Labour Party saying: “Unfortunately, I must comment upon the continuing language of racial hatred and misogyny spewed by a few PLP members in our House of Assembly.

“The Premier and the Speaker should long since have put a stop to this behaviour, and the fact that they have not can only lead to the assumption that they approve.

“The Speaker must be above politics and should not be advocating for Independence, and he should apply the Standing Orders of the House fairly to both sides. Unfortunately, that is not happening now.”

He also stood by his decision to pursue a civil lawsuit against the Lahey Group that “only failed on a technicality”.

OBA leader Craig Cannonier said today: “If a week is a long time in politics, 27 years must be an eternity and it is testament to Trevor’s unswerving desire to serve his constituents and his country that he has been such an effective politician for such a long time.

“Trevor’s voice will be missed. His sage advice, his wit and his incredible knowledge will not be replaced easily, and he will leave a big gap. I wish Trevor a very happy retirement. It is well deserved. I wish him well in whatever you choose to do.

“This represents a changing of the guard and I will soon announce the OBA’s candidate to sit in Smith’s West who I am sure will represent the constituency and the country with great passion.”

Mr Moniz attended Saltus Grammar School and studied law at King’s College, London, on Bermuda Government scholarships. He was Called to the Bar in England and Wales in 1976, and to the Bermuda Bar in 1977, at the age of 22.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Business Administration on a Commonwealth Scholarship from the University of Toronto.