The following statement was released today (April 17) by Opposition Leader, Cole Simons – One Bermuda Alliance…

Why does Premier Burt and his Cabinet think that they are above the law? It is reprehensible behaviour when they continue to flout financial rules without fear of consequence.  

The public deserves to know why Christopher Warner has been given a contract worth almost $180,000 without having to go through the mandated steps required before any contract over $100,000 is awarded. What is going on? 

The Auditor General, Heather Thomas, has clearly stated that the contract for the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer was given by the Government devoid of the competitive process—this cannot continue. 

Where is the transparency? It makes one wonder how many other contracts have been pushed through without due process.  

Who is to say that there were no qualified Bermudians for the job? Why wasn’t the role advertised in Bermuda? How many other contracts have been awarded in this manner? 

The One Bermuda Alliance has asked repeatedly for a list of Government consultants and we have yet to receive anything. 

This Government has a history of flagrantly violating the procurement process. When does it end?