The following statement was released today by Nicky Gurret, One Bermuda Alliance Candidate for Constituency 18 -Pembroke West Central

One could surmise that the PLP does not care one bit about the schoolchildren, teachers, businesses and those living around the power station who are subject to the unhealthy emissions of BELCO.

I say this is because the PLP is not effecting any change from BELCO. MP Wayne Caines, who is the president and CEO of BELCO says he is well aware of the environmental impact to the neighbouring houses surrounding BELCO but it feels as if little is being done to address the unhealthy emissions.

His fellow PLP colleagues, Ministers Jason Hayward, Walter Roban, and Michael Weeks and the person with the most power, Premier David Burt—where are their voices?

Health Minister Kim Wilson needs to urgently write to Mr Caines and tell him his company emissions are a nuisance and health hazard.