Jarion Richardson, Shadow Minister of Labour

The following statement was released this afternoon by One Bermuda Alliance MP Jarion Richardson, Shadow Minister of Labour…

Labour actions during the reign of this labour government are becoming far too frequent. How can the political arm of the labour movement be so out of touch with labour? Equally, how can labour have so many problems that strikes are frequent?

This labour dispute has something to do with winter bus schedules not being published. Have they been drafted? If they haven’t, tell us what the problem is. 

Yet again, going about our lives is being ransomed while our jobs are put at risk. It’s as if own-goals is the strategy. 

Someone, whether it’s the government or labour, needs to get a grip on our labour relations. 

Either that, or the public will finally decide that it’s better to get reliable service through privatization rather a protected labour force. 

And that slippery slope will have long lasting changes to Bermuda from which there is little chance of going back.