The following statement was released on Friday, July 21, 2023, by Jarion Richardson, Shadow Minister for Economy and Labour, Opposition Whip and Deputy Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance…

The Government cloaks their sad performance with well-worded statements, again.

The Premier excused the lack of Government reform in the House of Assembly while lauding the few items they were able to accomplish.

He started by reminding the House there was yet another plan gathering dust on some shelf somewhere; this one called Strategic Planning Framework for Government Reform, brought to the House on 1 March 2019.

The Framework comprised six (6) strategic areas: Strategy, Processes, Platform, People, Perspective, and Performance. The Premier spoke to two (2). Neither of which is completed but rather, as he says “have been advanced”.

In a series of ‘here’s what we’ve done’ statements, he never said how much of the plan was completed or what was left outstanding. However he announced there’s yet another plan “Government Reform Plan 2024 – 2027”.

“… what I have outlined to this Honourable House is further confirmation that the reform this Government committed to is well underway,” the Premier said.

What he persistently fails to realize is that no one wants more projects underway. They want the one project done, completed, 100 percent. Not the never-ending sets of new projects, new spending.

This is not promises made, promises kept. This is excuses given, with more excuses to come.