The following statement was released today (Mar 14) by One Bermuda Alliance Senator Robin Tucker, spokesperson for the Ministries of Labour, Home Affairs, Health, Social Development and Seniors…

As a mother and a grandmother of young children, I am outraged by the fact that a repeat sex offender was released from custody without any apparent notification made to the public that would have allowed parents and guardians to safeguard their children.   

Where is the accountability to these children whose lives have been irreparably, and avoidably, damaged? Where is the accountability to their families? I am so very sorry that this has happened to these children. Sadly, no words of comfort will change it.    

Bermuda’s Criminal Code requires the Minister of Legal Affairs to implement a protocol for public notification. Was this protocol followed? How was it applied in this situation?    

It is useless having a system in place that this Government says is for the protection of our children but then they cherry pick how to apply it, if it is even applied at all.     

The lack of wide public disclosure about the release of this individual is totally unacceptable.  I call on the Minister of Legal Affairs to explain to every parent and guardian why she didn’t notify the public of this sex offender’s release. The public deserves to hear from the Minister directly and swiftly. It is a disgrace that she remains silent in the wake of such a clear display of poor judgment.   

This Government has failed these children and all others who have been left unprotected by a system that clearly doesn’t do what we have been told it will do.  Someone must be held accountable for this tragedy, and appropriate actions taken with greater urgency by this Government to prevent any more of our children from becoming future victims.