• The following statement was released by Senator Dwayne Robinson, OBA spokesman for Tourism & Transport in the Upper House on Thursday, February 14, 2019
I want to take the press statement on the bus timetable and roster point by point.
First the statement says ‘On January 11, representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, DPT and the BIU met to discuss concerns over the scheduling of night work for the 2019 Bus Schedule; in particular, the high concentration of night work in 12 of the 80 rosters’.
My question is – who presented this unacceptable night roster in the first place? Driver – and passenger – safety should be paramount but clearly this high concentration of night work understandably met with opposition from the drivers and pushed back the implementation of a new roster and timetable.
Then the statement says  ‘the DPT and BIU have now agreed on a definition for night work, and will agree on a memorandum of understanding to provide assurance and clarity for bus operators and management’.
What is the definition of night work and why is there an MOU? An MOU is not legally binding – as we have seen with the numerous fintech MOUs which have come to nothing.
And we have this – “implementation work is now under way and a start date for the new schedule will be announced in due course.” Mr & MRs Bermuda are asking – when will the bus schedule and roster be joined together to have an efficient, bus service, which will also eliminate the bus cancellations?
On the verge of implementing the new bus schedule is not a date.  This matter has been going on since January 7.  That is unacceptable. Those who rely on our public transport, Mr and Mrs Bermuda deserve better.