The following statement was released by Thomas Harvey, Approved One Bermuda Alliance Candidate for Constituency 2, St George’s West…

I think that it is rather tragic that St George’s has lost the benefit of having a representative in Cabinet. It is generally felt that St George’s is not a priority for this present government and recent events would seem to confirm such a view. It is important to note that the voices of the elected area MPs have not been heard, thus providing confirmation that St George’s is not a priority for this present government.

I am sad and disappointed over what has transpired with former Minister of National Security, Renée Ming. Premier Burt’s behaviour is unacceptable.

While MP Ming and I support different political parties, it does not mean that we can’t agree on what matters most, and that is proper representation for the constituents of our beloved St George’s.

Lately, St George’s has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, ranging from home invasions, robberies, stabbings and drug raids. Now we hear rumblings of cuts to our ambulance and fire service. I will ask my counterpart in Constituency 2, MP Kim Swan, who has been quiet these last few months, to voice his concerns as well and represent his constituents as he was elected to do. Together, along with my OBA representative in Constituency 1, Ms Tia Smith, offer our support in standing up for St George’s against Premier Burt’s dictatorship.