The following statement was released this morning Thomas Harvey, the One Bermuda Alliance adopted candidate for Constituency 2, St George’s West…

To hear Maurico Thomas express his concerns leaves one wondering if this government concerned about whether or not we are able to resume a level of productivity that would see Bermudians employed again after enduring so many months of a downturn due to the pandemic.  

St George’s has been particularly hard hit, but, yet Mr Thomas was willing to come in and make the necessary investment in the community only to be shot down by this government.  

Where are the voices for St George’s?

It is concerning that I have resided here all my life and now have to watch the gradual deterioration of what was a thriving community. Where is the leadership? Why does this government appear to favour one place of this island to another?  

St George’s is supposed to be a World Heritage Site, but, alas, I fear we may lose that due to neglect.

I have received numerous expressions of concern from both sides of the isle and it is most concerning that these constituents feel unheard.

I would sincerely hope that this present government would reconsider its position on the eastern end of this island.