Flanked by party members, Premier Michael Dunkley released their 2017 General Election platform this morning, in the lead up to polling day on July 18th, which is now just over two weeks away.

In his opening letter on the document entitled ‘Our Mission, Our Plans to Move Bermuda Forward Together’, the Premier said: “We will not let you down”, on his party’s plans “to finish the job”.

Unveiling the platform today, Mr Dunkley, in his opening remarks, said: “This is a plan that will help Bermuda to continue to move forward in ways that work for more and more Bermudians towards more opportunity, more jobs, economic stability and shared prosperity.

“It is a plan for Bermudian progress on a very broad scale.

“It is the product of an OBA team that represents the diversity of Bermuda; all of us coming together using our experience, our community work, and our understandings of hardship and the potential to bring forward ideas and plans to meet Bermudian needs, and the aspirations today and for years ahead.”

He also pledged to “leverage the recovery” of Bermuda’s “public finances to launch new infrastructure projects generating opportunity and jobs”.

The party will also aim to continue to support families, address education, the environment, health and safety, good governance, the economy and protect Bermudians by enriching life.

“We will deepen the principle of fairness in Bermudian life – ending discrepancies between Bermudian and foreign workers in housing and compensation, passing hate crime legislation, cannabis forgiveness legislation, lowering taxes for lower-income workers, appointing a Seniors Advocate and achieving a balanced budget in 2018/19 that will allow us to start paying down debt – easing the burden of Bermudians not yet born,” he added.

The full document is available online and posted on the One Bermuda Alliance Facebook page.