• The following statement was released today by One Bermuda Alliance Senator Dwayne Robinson…
Senator Dwayne Robinson, OBA

After seeing the Minister’s statement in the House of Assembly regarding municipalities, I feel the need to remind people why it was blocked in the Senate last year when it was first introduced.

The legislation will turn the Corporation of Hamilton and the Town of St George’s into unelected quangos. This legislation robs the residents in these locations of their democratic rights to elect their municipal officials. That is why it was blocked by both Opposition and Independent senators because it removed a fundamental right of the people: their right to vote.

Voting the legislation down in the Senate meant that it could only be delayed and not blocked indefinitely, and I am extremely disappointed to see the Government pushing ahead with this legislation despite the public outcry against it.

Why not work with the Corporation of Hamilton to modernize its voting structure or find a workable solution that maintains the voting rights of the residents. Maybe create a hybrid with Government having half the councillors, with the Mayor and the other councillors being elected. Allow the Mayor to have a decisive vote.

Please make your voices heard Bermuda, as this time the Senate will not be able to block it, and with the PLP overwhelming majority, it will pass in the House when it is debated. Lobby the PLP MPs and remind them that they are taking away a right that many people fought hard to win and which is fundamental to the operation of any democracy.