The following statement was released on Friday (Sept 16) by Deputy Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson – One Bermuda Alliance…

History is made up not of our opinion of the moment but how we respond. The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II needs neither rhetoric nor political ideology. Rather, it is an opportunity to display the qualities Bermudian known for—dignity, civility, and respect. We are polite to a fault, honest in our affairs and optimistic in our challenges.  

The Joint Sitting of the Legislature, a rare enough occasion in our storied history, did not reflect that.   Of the Members of the House of Assembly and Senate, composed of some 47 persons out of the 60,000 plus residents of Bermuda, only 14 spoke at all. Nine of whom, were members of the Loyal Opposition.  We, the Parliament and people of Bermuda, marked the occasion, not by consoling a family anguished in the loss of their matriarch, but rather with formal, stony and cold silence. An event scheduled to last from 10 am to 12:30pm, was concluded in less than half that time.  

The role of the monarchy was not being debated. But rather, this motion: “That this Honourable House conveys its deepest sorrow on the death of Her Majesty The Queen; expresses its sincere condolences to His Majesty The King and other members of the Royal Family and acknowledges her association with Bermuda and her people.”

We, as Bermudians, have accepted the honours of our association with the United Kingdom including miliary ranks, knighthoods and memberships in Royal Orders. We have accepted lifesaving COVID vaccines.

The United Kingdom continues to accept our economic refugees who have no natural place in the United States, or Canada or Australia or the other dozens of members of the Commonwealth. We have close economic and cultural ties to Liverpool, Manchester, and London.  If we are to still benefit from these things, then the very least we can do is offer more than tepid condolences.