Photo: The Montserrat Reporter

Former OBA leader Michael Dunkley said: “Upon the retirement of Trevor Moniz, and as a colleague for 23 years, I wish to thank him for his service and commitment to the people of his constituency and Bermuda.

“Trevor was a valued colleague who was never afraid to question or take a di)cult position if he thought it was the correct approach. As Premier I was grateful for his advice as the Attorney General and he was a valuable member of the Cabinet.
“Trevor has made a significant contribution to our island through the years, and while he will no doubt be missed, on behalf of my family we wish him the very best of health and happiness in his retirement from politics.”
Ben Smith, the Shadow National Security Minister, said: “Trevor will be missed in the House of Assembly. In the me that I have worked with Trevor he has always been supportive, given guidance tind great counsel. Trevor could be controversial at times, but he was great on his feet during debates and was always able to defend his colleagues and get his view across.”
Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Scott Pearman said: “Trevor Moniz has always been a political maverick – I’m not sure if he would love that description or hate it, but he has always marched to his own drum. He is man of fierce integrity, who has always fought for the li+le guy, and Bermuda was lucky to have him in politics.”
Pat Gordon-Pamplin added: “For the past 22 years, having sat alongside Trevor in the Legislature and in Caucus, I have had the bene/t of his counsel. His forthright and ‘no holds barred’ approach to polics has been both refreshing and at times, even controversial.
“Despite constant criticism from the PLP from the other side of the aisle, whether Government or Opposition, Trevor withstood the barrage with stoic determination. Of one thing I am certain – Trevor gave of his very best during his time in Parliament to a task that is arduous at best and thankless at worst. I am appreciative of his service and wish him well in his retirement.”

Jeanne Atherdon, a former OBA leader, added: “I received the news of Trevor Moniz’s retirement with mixed emotions. Trevor worked hard, was guided by his principles and did what he believed was right.

“I appreciated his wise counsel over the years and although he is retiring, I am sure that he will always be available to provide guidance and advice to anyone who seeks him out. I was pleased to call him a friend and look forward to connuing our long chats on the subjects of politics, tennis and the constitution.
“His retirement is well-deserved, and he will have more time for his family and playing pickleball.”