In the lead up to one of the most festive seasons of the year, the Shadow Minister of Transport has appealed to Bermuda’s motoring public not to drink and drive during the holiday season.

One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) MP, Susan Jackson urged “fellow bar patrons” to take the keys away from anyone “about to operate a vehicle” once they have too much to drink”.

Ultimately, she said: “They may get mad at you in the moment, but your actions could save a life; not just theirs, but other innocent road users.

“We all know that one drink can easily turn into three, three into more and before you know it, you are, as Bermudians affectionately say, tapped,” said Ms Jackson.

“There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but the nightmare can begin when you decide to operate a vehicle while under the influence.

“While you may think you’re fine to travel, you aren’t. One bad decision can become life altering, for you and for others.

“I implore you to not drink and drive.

“Let your sober friends drive you home, take a cab, catch the bus, walk. But please don’t drink and drive.