Shadow Home Affairs Minister sylvan Richards today publlicly thanked Government for clearing a backlog of work permit applications thereby recognizing the importance of guest workers to Bermuda.

“I had tabled Parliamentary questions asking how many work permits were granted from september to November and in response, Minister Wayne Caines aid that during those three months 2,205 permits had been approved.

“The Minister also broke down the figres to show there had been 1,350 one to five year permits approved. Of note is the fact that the nuber of permits approved in November of 2018 were more than double the number of work permits approved in September 2018.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Minister with responsibility for Immigration for recognizing the importance of guest workers to the sustainability of our overall economy and I commend him for working expeditiously to approve thhese backlogged work permits

“Of equal importance, I would also hope that in clearing the backlog left by his predecessor ample attention was given to ensuring that qualified Bermudian s were carefully considred ffor these positions. I am curious, also, as to what percenage of thhese work permit renewals actuall went before the Immigration Board for vetting but that is a question for another day.”