• The following statement was released today by One Bermuda Alliance MP Sylvan Richards – Shadow Minister of Home Affairs
Government’s takeover of the municipalities will lead to taxation without representation as people’s democratic right to vote is stripped away, according to Sylvan Richards, the Shadow Home Affairs Minister.
“Those living and working within the boundaries of the Corporations of Hamilton and St George have always enjoyed the right to have a say in how their taxes are spent by being able to vote for the people they want in power.
“Government is now intent on taking that basic – and hard fought – right away by having appointed officials running the municipalities. It is an affront to democracy and everyone, not just those in Hamilton and St George, should be up in arms.
“I am quite sure that the Government is looking forward to getting its hands on the revenues generated by the two Corporations yet it is only too happy to dictate to people where that money will go.”