• The following statement was released by One Bermuda Alliance MP Susan Jackson…
In light of the bold statements made by Efficiency Chairman, Minister Wayne Furbert, it surprises and frustrates me that so little attention is made to improve the lives of those who depend on Government services the most.
Just recently our seniors were struck with yet another demand for money, introduced by the PLP government, for a service that screams of ineffciency.
The unannounced charge of $8.11 for senior ID cards may not seem like much, but if you’re struggling to get by then every cent counts. Clearly this Government is taking those who need assistance the most for granted if they believe they can spring charges without a word of warning.
Coming on top of increases in land tax many seniors will have to pay and increases in health insurance for seniors needing additional private insurance, this Government is making life very stressful for the elderly.
Recently the Minister of Finance issued a statement saying, “it is not our intention to bring hardship on anyone, especially our seniors” yet Government’s actions are beginning to do just that.