The following Op-Ed was released this afternoon by One Bermuda Alliance MP and former Premier Michael Dunkley…

The majority of Bermudians are vaccinated but still there is a significant and important minority who have to date, not had the jab. The imposition of SafeKey by the Government has created another divide.

For many, the new regulations make people feel comfortable about going to impacted establishments. However, these establishments have never been the problem.

The spikes have come from those not following COVID guidelines while attending funerals, personal gatherings and large scale events allowed just before Cup Match.

SafeKey, while a well intended govenrment policy, once again penalizes those businesses that have borne the brunt of COVID policies over the past 18 months; restaurants, gyms, charter boats, sports clubs and bard to name a few.

For these, SafeKey minght not be the saviour, it could be the final nail in the coffin.

One must question government’s rationale in selecting these businesses. Where is the equity and what is the rationale for these restrictions?