One Bermuda Alliance MP Ben Smith was voted in as the new Deputy Leader of the Opposition during its annual conference held last night at Pier Six. 

An party spokesperson said, ”He ran against MP Susan Jackson for the position after it was vacated this summer by now-Party Leader, the Hon Jarion Richardson, jP,MP. Mr Richardson became interim Leader in August 2023, when former MP Cole Simons retired from politics. Mr Richardson was not challenged for the leadership at this year’s conference.”

Once the final count was in, Mr Smith said, “First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me this evening. I faced a tough opponent in MP Jackson and would like to say a job well done to her. I am looking forward to working with the Leader as we build the party from strength to strength, and most importantly, build a better Bermuda for all.”

The OBA added, “Elizabeth Deacon and Joseph Marable were victorious as they were voted co-party chairs. Aguinaldo Medeiros will remain as Party Chairman for another year.”