• The following statement was released by Opposition Leader, Craig Cannonier, One Bermuda Alliance…
While the health of Bermudians is paramount, it is obvious to everyone by now that this is going to be an economic crisis as well.
We have seen reports of shops shutting, Government revenues collapsing and fears over unemployment. We cannot be sure when the airport will reopen or when cruise ships might dock once more.
And while I understand that people’s incomes have been hit, it is important to support, as much as we can, our local businesses and I am happy to give my backing to the new #ChooseBDA campaign.
It is an excellent initiative and I congratulate those behind it.
However, I must say, this is not all a one-way street and it is also important that businesses incentivise local shopping as much as they can.
Shops like the Mom and Pop corner stores, the hotels and high street stores all need our help – Amazon does not, nor does Facebook or Google.
It’s been said that Bermudians spent about $300m a year on vacations. When we are allowed to, use some of that for staycations, use some to buy local products.
The effect of COVID comes on top of successive monthly declines across the board in retail sales volume.
Small to medium sized businesses are the lifeblood of the community. They need our support.
  • Top Feature Photo Courtesy of TNN