Craig Cannonier, Opposition Leader

Greetings, my fellow Bermudians and to those working on and visiting our wonderful island, during this holiday season.

It’s that most wonderful time of the year and, as your Opposition leader, I want you to know how humbled and honoured I am to serve you.

This time of year brings hope, love, peace and thankfulness.

It is a time of year that sees selfless acts of generosity that have helped thousands of people throughout our community.

At the core of it all is that we are all simply human, trying our best to journey through this world hoping that we leave this earth with a legacy that lives on through our children, our work and or our lives.

As humans we are imperfect, so every day we have the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

I challenge all of us to continue to become better versions of ourselves, not just during this holiday season, but at all times.

This is a season where some celebrate the birth of Christ, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa.

There are believers and non-believers, but ultimately this is a time we share with one another, regardless of who we are.

Bermuda, it is times like this that bring us together and renews our faith in each other.

As you connect with family and friends, as you give to those less fortunate, as you enjoy a festive feast, remember it is times like this when we are one and — in that unity — we thrive.

Let’s continue to thrive together. May you all have a wonderful, happy holiday season.