The following statement was released by Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson – One Bermuda Alliance…

The budget debate has revealed that last year the PLP Government splashed out over $40 million of taxpayers’ money on consultants. It has more than doubled what the OBA budgeted for consultants when in office.

The PLP Government spent an eye-watering $41 million. This compares to only $16.8 million budgeted for consultants in 2016/17 under the OBA’s tenure.

We must reduce the cost of doing business in Bermuda – and cut unnecessary red tape. This is what the OBA means when we promise responsible spending.  

Why does the PLP decide to splash out almost $41 million of the peoples’ money when we have elected MPs to do the job?

How did the consultancy budget escalate from almost $17 million under the OBA to almost $41 million last year?  That’s more than double – in fact, it’s more than a 140 percent increase by the PLP.

The PLP should come clean regarding the consultants they hired. What are these consultants doing to justify $41 million dollars of our money?  Are we getting real value for that staggering amount?